Last year I think books on music and technology stood out more than music releases for me. My first published book review of Will Hermes’ outstanding Love Goes to Buildings on Fire will appear in the forthcoming MEIEA (Music and Entertainment Industry Education Association) journal. Several biographies also stood out, the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Keith Richards’ autobiography Life, and Neil Young’s Waging Heavy Peace. Another book I particularly enjoyed was The Music Instinct by Philip Ball, which analyzes music making, listening and perception from a scientific point of view across a broad range of musical styles and is very impressive in its depth. And finally, David Byrne’s How Music Works is a brilliant overview of music from the perspective of one the most influential artists of our time. The book encompasses biography, music business, technology, and ideas about the importance of context in defining musical expression. Like Ball, Byrne cuts across broad swaths of music from a wide variety of cultures, genres and styles to make some fascinating statements about underlying and overarching aspects of musical expression.