This week the website of my company Green Beet Productions was relaunched. We recently produced the music for two new Cadillac TV spots that are currently running on national television. Green Beet was founded in 2000 around the time I began creating music and other content for Volkswagen through Lance Jensen and Arnold Worldwide. Green Beet has remained active as a multi-faceted creative enterprise. Over the years Green Beet has produced music for many leading brands including Volkswagen, Hummer, Philips, Citizens Bank, and Travel Channel. The creative team of Green Beet is a talented group of composers and producers in New York City and the Hudson Valley region. All of the writers have careers as independent artists in a variety of musical genres in addition to their work as designers.

At Green Beet the philosophy is that innovative original music can work with branding and advertising to create unique emotional experiences. In 2002 my Automotive CD broke new ground by being the first full length album of music originally produced for a series of Volkswagen TV and internet commercials. The recording demonstrated a new model of partnership between an artist, brand, ad agency and record label and was awarded the American Association of Independent Music Best Electronica album in 2003. According to Timothy Taylor in his book The Sounds of Capitalism, since the Automotive project the relationship between popular music and brands has become ever closer. Green Beet Productions is dedicated to developing new ways that music and branding can work together and enhance each other through creative partnerships.