Trove, 2020-21, 104 track album, Blue Math

Souvenir, 2018, Blue Math

Life You Are, 2020, Blue Math

Transition Dub, 2018, Blue Math
Horizonal, 2015, Audiokult

Posthorn, 2020, Blue Math

ITSOFOMO, 1989/2018, Jabs Recordings (re-mastered release with additional tracks)

Songs for Persephone, collaboration with Mimi Goese, 2011, Ramseur Records

Night Science, 2008, Thirsty Ear Recordings

Automotive, 2002, Six Degrees Records

Goldbug, 1998, Verve/Universal

Triptycal, 1996, Verve/Universal

Torchtower, 1992, New Tone Records

Mainspring, 1988, Ear-Rational/Dossier Records

Shock the Monkey, 2002, from Leaves from the Tree Peter Gabriel covers album