Trove is a durational ambient music project created during the Covid 19 pandemic in remote collaboration with producer Eric Calvi. From November 2020 to November 2021, two new pieces were released each week, resulting in a 104 track album. The music ranges from meditative orchestral sonorities to gentle electronic rhythms and drones, all emanating entirely from Neill’s self-designed Mutantrumpet – no other sound sources are used. The Trove compositions are based on Fibonacci series sequences, which are also used to model the forces of growth and reproduction in the natural dynamical systems of plants and animals.

The live version of Trove was premiered at Manitoga / The Russel Wright Design Center in July 2022. For this unique performance/ installation the Mutantrumpet is augmented by a wireless networked surround sound system. Neill and Calvi control the spatial movement of the sounds among speakers encircling the Quarry Pool, literally playing the Manitoga site and incorporating its natural sonic qualities into the performance.

In 2023, Trove was performed in New York City on the Reflections ambient music series at the Church of the Heavenly Rest, The Tank Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely, CO, Steve Roach’s Ambient Lounge in Tucson, AZ, Indexical in Santa Cruz, CA, and a repeat performance at Manitoga.

Spatial sound diagram for Trove at Manitoga
Reflections ambient music series, Church of the Heavenly Rest, NYC, March 25, 2023

The acoustic timbres of the Mutantrumpet are captured and processed in real time using a Fibonacci based live sampling matrix controlled by Neill’s electro-acoustic instrument. Each piece is recorded as a single improvised performance with no overdubs or editing using the instrument’s 28 onboard electronic sensors. All aspects of the music including harmonic progressions, rhythm, melody, duration, and formal structure are based on Fibonacci patterns, which are layered and combined in a different way in each composition to emulate natural processes. Trove uses the fundamental structure of lifeforms to create grounding, restorative music intended as an accompaniment to everyday life. Trove received over 80 placements on Spotify playlists, including the Spotify curated playlist Ambiente, which boasts 80,000 listeners.


“Salubrious” Steve Smith, The New Yorker writer via social media

“A beautiful calm song that relaxes nerves and removes fatigue.”

“absolutely sublime…i felt as though i were passing through a cloud of bliss. super cerebral track. this is a gorgeous piece.”

“Lovely composition. Fits perfect for music for reading playlist.”

“Your song is like a legal drug. It was really enough to blow my head off. All the best!”

“Very nice and relaxing piece here. Solid production and lovely recording.”

“Very relaxing soundscape”

“Beautiful composition.”

“We like the calm intro and the slow and gentle unfolding of this song. This composition has a great meditative energy about it.”

“Meditative and peaceful”

“Great dark vibe and deep sound”

“atmospheric textures were wonderful”

“a lovely ambient piece – great evolving textures.”

“Nice ambience in the intro, I like the way the rhythm floats in and out. Has a very deep and wide sound and overall the production is great. There are some interesting chord changes which helps move the track along.”

“This is a gorgeous and calming piece, absolutely love it.”